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So wassup with this world and fashion. I call fashion the "The Art of Diversity" because thats all its about different parts of people being expressed through their own sense of style. Its all about how the mind wanders when a pattern comes across one,how that color way give appeal to that person, how just a couple of buttons could change the whole idea of the piece.You cant just jump and say you have a passion for something and dont really know what your doing. I just hate for this world of fashion be ruined by the ones that careless about it, and the ones that do be underestimated. I call fashion "The Art of Diversity" so i would like to see more of it not just a few

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thomas Briscoe TI$A x Diamond Supply Co.

Thomas Briscoe is a person who's style reaches out to me. His personality is even better i posted a post of him back in the Fall of him and his colleague Jeffrey Waynes. He is one of the designers behind the clothing line BMC "BrilliantMindsCo". Thomas is more than just an designer,promoter,student,brother,and son. He is a very special friend of mine who has brought happiness into my life as well as love.I just want to thank god and his parents for bringing this wonderful young man into my life. Enjoy

Photography By: Aaron Posey

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